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Water Sourcing

Securing the right water source is crucial for the success of your oil and gas projects. Our water sourcing services are designed to identify and obtain the most suitable water supply for your specific needs. Give Flowpoint a call today to get started.


Reliable and Sustainable

At Flowpoint, we recognize that securing a reliable and sustainable water source is vital for the success of your oil and gas operations. Our comprehensive water sourcing services are designed to identify, evaluate, and obtain the most suitable water supply to meet the unique demands of your projects. 

Water Source Identification and Assessment

We conduct thorough assessments of potential water sources, including surface water and groundwater, to determine their suitability for your operation. This includes evaluating factors such as water quality, availability, and proximity to your project site. 

Permitting and Compliance

Our experienced team works closely with local authorities and regulatory agencies to secure the necessary permits and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Water Rights Acquisition and Management

We can help you acquire and manage water rights, including negotiating with landowners and other water users, to secure a stable and long-term water supply for your operations. 

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Speak with one of our water management experts to discuss your project requirements and explore the most efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible solutions.


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